Thursday, July 24, 2014

#MyFavFriday Data Tracking 2.0

Ok, I'm going to give this another whirl. Maybe I can keep up with it this time.

I was home bound last week due to an unknown plague, so naturally I decided to take it easy by getting ready for next year. I'll be back in 8th grade teaching traditional math--no Math I HOORAY!!!! Even better? My best friend will also be teaching 8th grade math right next door, so I really couldn't be happier :)

I posted last summer about data tracking. The system worked well until I switched schools and positions and wasn't able to keep up since it was mid-year. It worked well for the kids and for me, but I needed to do some tweaking. I wanted to really narrow down the learning targets so they were specific and I needed a better way for myself to keep track. So here we have Data Tracking 2.0!

I started by mapping out the curriculum in the way I want to teach it. We use the Big Ideas book at my new school, and their sequencing just makes no sense to me. After I decided what order to teach things in, I isolated the standards and wrote I Can statements for each. The units are big and will more than likely have multiple tests and quizzes per unit, but I am ok with that.

First...The student edition.

This is the same format as last year, but with the new skills and sequencing. Students will rate and date at the beginning of the unit. 4 is they can do it without ever making a mistake and could teach someone else, 3 is they aren't perfect but they usually don't make a mistake, 2 is they know how to get started but get stuck sometimes, and 1 is they don't know how to start at all. They use the far right chunk to graph as a bar graph. Each time we test or quiz they rate date and graph in a different color. The goal of course is growth. This helps the students, their parents, and me see exactly where they need assistance. It's great for parent conferences and has reduced the number of kids who come to me saying "I need help." "With what?" "All of it." *blank stare from Miss A*

The new part (which I love love love!!) is the teacher half of the data tracking. 

This is printed as a two-sheet spread that goes into a three ring notebook. Student names across the top, learning targets down the left, and their score from 1-4 goes in the box. Since this is SBG, the grades change based on performance, so be sure to use pencil! Since they rate and date in their folders, I am still able to look back if necessary for parents/admin/students/myself to see how they have progressed, but I just have their current level of proficiency/understanding in my grade book. I think this will make things much easier!

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