Sunday, September 1, 2013

Made 4 Math Monday: SBG Tracking Sheet

I know it's only Sunday and I'm a day ahead, but my first Made 4 Math Monday! Hooray!!!

I decided this year that I will be switching to Standards Based/Mastery Grading. I think this will really help my students be more successful, and hopefully I will see a lot less "D's" and a lot more "C's" and "B's."

Homework: I am only checking homework for completion this year. Last year I kind of went back and forth between collecting, checking off on a checklist, checking for accuracy, and just checking completion. This year, I am just walking around with a clip board, stamping with my cool "completed on time" stamp I ordered from Vista Print, and calling it a day. I can't get around giving a homework grade, so it will just be the percentage of homework they completed. Since I'm using math workshop, I am not going to spit out the answers to them. Already this last week they got into the habit of checking their answers with their neighbor's answers and discussing them to determine which is correct and which is incorrect. Any big disputes we do on the board.

Warm-Ups: Again, I'm not collecting these. Warm-ups I believe are more for their benefit. I may change my mind and start collecting again mid-year, but for now, it is just on the board, they complete, discuss with their table, and we go over any that have major disputes.

Classwork: I will pick and choose what I collect here. Since we are 1:1 with iPads, my kids are going to be developing Pod/Vodcasts and Educreations videos that I am going to compile and post on my site (possibly make an iBook out of them too, I haven't decided). Those will be graded. With math workshop being so group-oriented, I think that it is better to focus on the how and why, the thought processes, and working as a team.

Quizzes: I sat down a few weeks ago and broke down everything I'm teaching this year into an original 120 sub-tasks. When I put these into units, it was too much, so I combined some and got down to 95.  I then made this awesome spread sheet for each unit that you can download in my brand new TpT store! WOO! They will keep them in those folders with the metal prongs on their bookshelves with their ISN's.

Each unit has one page with the corresponding task. They will rate it date it when we begin the unit and graph it at that time. We will take a quiz every 3-5 tasks on average (some units are only 4-5 tasks). They will then rate and date again. I will let them retake the quiz ONE TIME and ONLY if they have 80% homework completion. They will have to fill out a Google Form to do this. I'll link that when I have it up and running. They have to prove that they have done something to improve their learning to retake. I like that the graph is evolving, so it is showing "this is what I can do now." The last column with a date and score is for when we test, just to be sure they are at the same level.

Tests: As usual, we will have a unit test. They will rate and date each one after the test.

I'm thinking that as far as my grade book goes, a 4=100%, 3.5=95%, 3=92%, 2.5=89%, 2=84% , 1.5=80%, 1=76% , 0.5=70%, and a 0 is a 69% (we are on a 7 point grading scale). 

I like that they will get a grade per task rather than one grade per quiz. I really hope that I'm right and this will help them. As far as the rubric, I am using Miss Calculate's holistic Star Wars grading rubric.

That's all for now! 



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