Monday, August 25, 2014

3-2-1 (A day late) and Day 1 Recap

In 2011 and 2012 I was hired to work for schools in towns I didn't teach in (in Pittsburgh after I had  just moved back to my parents 4 hours away LITERALLY only a week before in 2011, and in NC in 2012) the day before school started. I'm not kidding. It was Friday, school started Monday, and I went from sobbing about how I couldn't find a job to setting up a classroom in 2 hours. Insanity.

So how did I feel more prepared those years than this one? First day of school round 4 should have been the easiest yet! Sigh.

Between things being thrown on us last minute (typical), timing not going as planned (more typical), kids not having schedules and having to look them up (also typical), not being able to figure out how to work the built in locks in the lockers (UGHH! HEADACHE!), mixed in with all the other first day of school things, it was a mess.

Not to mention I forgot the adapter for my MacBook to use it with my projector AND my teacher binder at home. What. A. Day. Block 1, we didn't even get through all of the school paperwork let alone get to talk about my own class. Block 2 flew through the syllabus, but there wasn't enough time before or after lunch to do the activity that I wanted to do (Marshmallow Challenge from Sherri at Middle School Math Rules!), and Block 3 was "turned up" from lunch and never really got themselves in check. Of course that's my biggest class.

Didn't leave until 6 then straight to play practice until 9:45ish. I'm exhausted. 

Anyway, here's my 

3 things that happened this week:
  1. I went to Pittsburgh to see my family :D My aunt retired from 30+ years in the school system this summer and my parents just moved my brother in at Pitt on Thursday, so we had a retirement celebration Friday night. I have only seen my aunt once since I moved two years ago, so that was nice :)
  2. I got ALL of my copies and plans made for the first two weeks of school. WHAT!?
  3. I started rehearsals for the next play I'm working on, and my high school best friend who also ended up down here in NC (same town, actually) was cast in it. Our first show together in 10 years. Yay!
2 things on my to-do list:
  1. Sharpen my saw. Not a real saw. Talking 7 Habits here. I need some me time immediately
  2. Get my apartment back in order. It's been kind of neglected. Oops
1 thing I'm looking forward to this week:
  1. Friday. Kidding! Getting my classes into a routine and the schedule calming down. I like routine and there was just far too much chaos for me today. 


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