Saturday, August 2, 2014

Currently August

I'm linking up with Oh Boy 3rd Grade for Currently August.

Listening: It's a rainy Saturday. It's rained the last three days and I think we have one or two more. Sigh. Also, I've been on a Beatles kick, and my cat is running around chasing her tail. I think she has species confusion.

Loving: I'm loving my classroom setup! I love the bright colors and the way it all tied together. I've been super motivated to get things together for this year, and I hope it continues!

Thinking: I need to get cracking on planning the 7 Habits curriculum for 8th grade at my school, mapping out my year, and getting some lesson plans ready. I want to get my ISN finished before school, too!

Wanting: Is summer vacation ever long enough? I wish we had a few more weeks. I hope the few we do have left are nice and sunny--I'm losing my tan!

Needing: I have an ugly brown podium that I brought home to paint pretty so it matches my classroom. I need to get that done. I also need to get cracking on that planning!

1st day: I go back on the 18th for work days and the kids start on the 25. I have a lot of training sessions the next two weeks for various things though. Oh, August. You are not kind.


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